SU on Tour


The Student Officers YOU elected get out on the road to listen to and act on YOUR feedback throughout the academic year! If you spot the SU On Tour pull up stand around campus in school buildings, The Clarendon, The Library and out at our partner sites make sure you stop for a chat and fill out a feedback form. You can also use the online form below to give us your feedback on anything and everything.

We'll also be updating this page regularly through the next academic year with details of what we've done in response to what you've said so keep checking back on this page for updates as the semester progresses!


SU on Tour - Officer Promise

As Officers, we have made the commitment to ensure that student feedback is at the heart of what we do. Ultimately the SU on Tour campaign, will aim to collect honest and valuable feedback from students to provide insight into student issues a Teesside University. We have made a list of what we promise to do regarding Su on tour;

  • When we set a date to do an Su on Tour session, we will do our best to attend with all Officers. There may be times that not all of us will be able to attend, in these circumstances we still advertise this on our Social media pages in as much advance as possible.
  • We will act in a friendly manner and always be approachable
  • We will be recognisable, we will attend sessions in our SU branded hoodies or Shirts
  • We will be professional with any comments that come our way, we will not judge or prejudice against you, even if you have a suggestion for us, we always want to improve!
  • We will make an effort to link with School staff to ensure your feedback is heard.
  • We will endeavour to visit a variety of buildings over the year, to ensure we see as many students as possible.
  • We will pressure the University to make changes when large issues arise.
  • We will be enthusiastic and listen to you no matter what.
  • We will ensure to feedback to you, Students of Teesside what we have put in place following your comments.