Student Groups

Teesside University Students Union (TUSU) is committed to giving all Teesside University students a voice and acting on your feedback. Your Student Officers will soon be launching a selection of discussion groups which will meet online or in-person regularly to discuss issues affecting different groups within the student body, Each group will be chaired by one of the three Officers and all current students at the University are welcome to participate in them. It will be another opportunity to tell us about your student experience and give your suggestions for how your SU can make things even better for you and other students. At this stage, we are registering interest in each of the groups so check out the descriptions of each of them below and then complete the short, simple registration form if you would like us to get back in touch once we are ready to start them. PLEASE NOTE; THE NAMES AND DESCRIPTIONS OF THE GROUPS ARE BASED ON ADVICE WE HAVE RECEIVED BUT IF YOU FEEL THEY SHOULD INCLUDE DIFFERENT WORDS OR PHRASES THEN PLEASE DO LET US KNOW AND WE WILL TAKE YOUR FEEDBACK IN TO ACCOUNT.


  • TUSU group for students classed as mature and/ or with special responsibilities: This forum is dedicated to gathering feedback from and discussing the experiences of students who are aged over 21 and as such are classed as mature. You might also have responsibilities as a parent and/ or carer you want to share with us. Your Student Officers want to know about the challenges you face balancing different aspects of your daily life and what more the students' union can do to help you.
  • TUSU group for students who consider themselves disabled: This forum is for students who have been diagnosed with a disability or who have a condition which has an impact on their day to day or study activities. Your Student Officers want to know about your university experiences, the challenges you face and what more the students' union can do to help you.
  • TUSU group for students who identify as one or more of the LGBTQIA+ groups: This forum is for students who consider them part of the LGBTQIA+ family or who are/ wish to be allies. Your Student Officers want to encourage discussion and a greater understanding of both the various groups within the family and the experiences members face. They also want to identify what more they can do to make the SU and the University even more inclusive, tolerant and respectful in the future.


  • TUSU International Students group: This forum is for any student who is classed as an international student by the University or considers themselves to be one. No matter where you have come from to study at Teesside University or how long you have lived in the UK if you feel you have an experience to share your Student Officers want to hear from you. Tell us about your learning experience and the challenges you have faced living in a different country. We also want to know what more your SU can do to support you and encourage you to get more involved in wider student life.
  • TUSU Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Students (BAME) group: This forum is for any student who identifies as black, Asian and/ or a part of other ethnic minorities. Your Student Officers want to hear about your particular experiences of studying at Teesside University and, if you do so, living in Middlesbrough. We want to know what more your SU can do to help and support you along with further developing our work to tackle racism, prejudice and inequality on and off-campus.